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The conference program is all about inspiration, new concepts and looking at the designers’ role in today’s world. But we also know that you are hungry for technical know-how.

  • 09:00–12:30 Visual Thinking through Sketchnoting
    Eva-Lotta Lamm

    Sketchnotes – often created in realtime at lectures and conferences – are a way of capturing concepts in an engaging and visual way by combining the power of hand-drawn images, words and diagrams. Read more »

  • 9:00–12:30 UX Toolkit for Startups
    Leisa Reichelt

    In this workshop we will work through the fundamentals of UX design and research and build up an essential toolkit of techniques and tools that will let you make a great start at improving the user experience of your product on a budget. Read more »

  • 14:00–17:30 Going Analog
    Tin Kadoić

    Tin will teach you how to think outside the box and apply patterns from real world interactions to create simpler, yet memorable user interfaces. Topics like physical computing, rapid prototyping, creative coding, and learning through doing will be applied. There will be light-coding and coding-free options to create and test new kinds of interfaces. Read More »

What’s included

3.5 hours of focused intense workshop with coffee, tea, soft drinks and pastry provided during the break. Lunch will not be provided.

Workshops are to be held in tiny groups of up to 12 people so each participant can stay sharp and remain focused.

Intermediate to Advanced experience required in order to comfortably follow each workshop. Limited seats available.