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Veronika Burian

Veronika Burian, born in Prague, got her first degree in Industrial Design in Munich, Germany, before she moved on to Austria and Italy to work as a mix between a product and graphic designer. Discovering her true passion for type, she graduated with distinction from the MA in Typeface Design in Reading, UK, in 2003 and started to work as full-time type designer at DaltonMaag in London.

In 2006 she co-founded with José Scaglione TypeTogether, an independent type foundry, endeavoring to find innovative and stylish solutions to old problems for the professional market of text typefaces, with a focus on editorial use.

After several years in Boulder, Colorado, she is now living and working in Prague. She also continues to lecture about typography and to give workshops at international conferences and universities.

Her typeface Maiola received, amongst others, the TDC Certificate of Excellence in Type Design 2004. Several other typefaces by TypeTogether have also been recognised by international competitions, including ED-Awards and ISTD.

Type in Media

Media is based on communication and communication happens to a large extent via language and its visual expression, i.e. type in its various forms. Nowadays we have to deal with more than one medium and typography can help creating the necessary coherence. It is a dominant way to distinguish one publication from the other.

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