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Tin Kadoić

Tin is a Master of Design and a lecturer at the School of Design. He lives and works with interactive media, balancing commercial, educational and personal work.

Tin Kadoić was born in 1985. in Zagreb, where he lives, studies and creates.

Designing from 2002. and working with studios Bunch, Bruketa&Žinić OM, Imago, Tridvajedan, Web burza, Shepoo Arts, Kiosk Studio, Neomedia, Nivas, Heraklo and clients such as Coca-Cola, Adris, T-Com, Snickers, Ericsson, Carlsberg, Nutella. In 2009. co-founds a digital agency Brlog, part of Bruketa&Žinić OM group, where he is in charge of all aspects of digital communication. In his career he has been awarded with the Red Dot, ID, Adobe achievement award, IdejaX, Effie, and has exhibited at the HDD Biennale (biennale Exhibition of Croatian Design), ZGRAF, and smaller exhibitions.

For the last two years he is also working as a lecturer at the School of Design in Zagreb — Interactive media department, where he leads and organizes workshops and guest lecturers and actively works on promoting interactive media inside the college community.

Workshop: Going Analog

Tin will teach you how to think outside the box and apply patterns from real world interactions to create simpler, yet memorable user interfaces. Topics like physical computing, rapid prototyping, creative coding, and learning through doing will be applied. There will be light-coding and coding-free options to create and test new kinds of interfaces.

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