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Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards is Content Design Lead at the Government Digital Service, which is revolutionizing the UK government’s approach to digital communications. She’s worked on the GOV.UK and is responsible for the GOV.UK editorial style guide among other projects. Her editorial career is longer and more varied than she cares to admit.

In addition to her professional skills, Sarah possesses an uncanny ability to turn any conversation toward the psychology of reading or to baking cakes.

Revolutionizing Government Content

​What happens when you put government content firmly in the hands of content experts rather than policy people? GOV.UK has created new content design principles, including a style guide based entirely on online best practices and user testing. The days of complicated sign-off and approval are gone. Now content creators write based on user needs only, and content is simply fact-checked for accuracy before publication.

Learn how the Government Digital Service is using content strategy to talk to UK citizens in an active tone that’s easy to understand and act upon.

  • Understand how to use evidence to support a large-scale content strategy.
  • Hear how user needs drive the stats, metrics and decisions about what goes on the site (and what doesn’t).
  • Learn how a to create a content strategy when you’re talking to “everyone”—in this case, every person in the entire UK.

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